01 August 2022

This year there are different questions for in-house and outsourced payroll providers, which will give us valuable insights into the different challenges faced by each group. By completing this survey, you will help to create a report based on the activities of the profession as a whole.

Once the report is complete, it will establish salaries, error rates and current trends so you can benchmark your company against current industry standards. This will aid you in decision making in the future and support you to identify where improvements and enhancements to your processes can be made.

Before you complete this survey, you will need to have to hand:

  • The number of PAYE accounts operated

  • The number of payslips produced each tax year

  • The number of payslip errors identified

  • Whether you met all statutory deadlines for payments / RTI files and other filing / other returns / producing statutory documentation / pension providers

  • Payroll department budget

  • Total overpayments value

  • The number of data security breaches

  • Details of any benefits you provide, including pensions.

We thank you in advance for your input in making the CIPP's 2022 Benchmarking report a success.

Complete the survey here: CIPP Benchmarking Survey 2022 (surveymonkey.co.uk)

The expected closing date of the survey is 11 September, at 11:45pm.

CIPP members have commented in the past that this is a great opportunity for research within your team, and therefore this survey can be given to a team member to complete and doesn't have to be completed at management level.