The benefits and ease of Payroll BPO in Asia...

14 January 2019

Although many companies operate in Asia and therefore have the need to pay their employees, the concept of how this should happen is often taken for granted and the cost of the service is absorbed by businesses as an unavoidable cost and a necessary overhead.  The reality is somewhat different.

In a separate article, I've called this the 'coals to Newcastle' concept: I raise the question, why would you want to engage a European or American service supplier to provide this service and pay European or American costs for the privilege?

In our webinar, we intend to demonstrate how simple and risk-free the concept of Asian payroll is.

PayAsia is a publicly listed company trading on the Australian Stock Exchange and based in Singapore. With interfaces to all leading HR suppliers and a reach across the whole of Asia from India and all points east, we are able to provide a compliant way of operating a Payroll BPO business at Asian prices, making an investment into Asia risk-free and economically viable.

Taking place on Thursday 31 January 2019 at 11:00 am, join us for an introduction into how to manage and operate payrolls across Asia without the need to acquire expensive payroll software and in all countries in Asia no matter the size of your employee population.

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