Budget scheduled for 6 November cancelled

25 October 2019

The plans for the Chancellor, Sajid Javid to deliver a Budget on 6 November have been shelved as Boris Johnson revealed that he would push for a general election to be held on 12 December.

The move was confirmed in a letter from the Chancellor to the Treasury Select Committee, that was published on 25 October 2019.

The Budget date was only provisional and assumed that a Brexit deal would be agreed prior to the intended leave date of 31 October. It was advised along with the announcement of the date that should there be a no-deal Brexit, a ‘simple economic statement’ would be provided in place of the Budget.  In the event of a new government being introduced, however, the Finance Bill would need to be completely remodelled and overhauled to reflect the values of the party that wins the general election.

Boris Johnson has allowed MPs extra time, up until 6 November, to scrutinise and eventually, sign, his Brexit deal but on the proviso that they agree to his demands for a general election to be held before the end of the year. If the election is to go ahead, it would be the first December election in almost 100 years.


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