Do you pay in to the Pension Protection Fund levy?

02 June 2016

Whilst it is expected that comments and feedback will be forthcoming as a result of the public consultation on British Steel Pension Scheme from those who live or work in Port Talbot, work for Tata Steel UK, in the British steel industry more generally or are members of the scheme. It is also hoped that comments will be provided from those who are connected with occupational pension schemes or employers paying the Pension Protection Fund levy for schemes that they sponsor, or more widely from anyone with a general interest in pensions.

The purpose of the consultation

  • seeks views on the regulatory options Government are considering;
  • invites views from the pensions industry about the proposals; and
  • seeks evidence on how the any measures can be best brought into effect.

Scope of consultation

This consultation applies to England, Wales and Scotland.

The consultation period began on 26 May 2016 and will run until 23 June 2016. Any submissions received after that date may not be taken into account.

Full details of the British Steel Pensions Scheme consultation paper can be found along with a two page summary factsheet at GOV.UK.