PAYE details for 2013/14 tax month 8 - UPDATE

27 January 2014

Further to the news item on 20 January regarding HMRC’s Business Tax Dashboard showing incorrect payment positions for tax month 8 for some PAYE schemes, we have an update.

Customers who are affected will see that payments they believe they have made to HMRC from any point from 21 November 2013 to 16 January 2014 have not been posted correctly to the Dashboard.

Unfortunately, around 100,000 schemes appear to be affected by this error, which arose because of an IT change made to HMRC's systems on 21 November 2013.

Customers affected may see:

  • that the amounts shown do not reconcile with the amounts actually paid
  • a duplicated payment
  • an incorrect method of payment, for example an electronic payment being shown as a cheque payment.

The error was corrected on 16 January 2014 to stop any re-occurrence and HMRC's systems have processed all FPS submitted on or after that date correctly. HMRC would reassure employers that HMRC’s internal records of payment are not affected. HMRC is therefore not pursuing any debts incorrectly as a result of this problem.

HMRC will be correcting the data for schemes affected over the next few weeks, so if you believe that you are affected by this issue you do not need to contact them.

HMRC apologises for inconvenience caused by this issue.