Cameron promises new powers for Scotland and all other countries within the United Kingdom

19 September 2014

Comments made by the Prime Minister in the wake of the Scottish referendum result could indicate a return to the debate about local income tax.

Is the Lyons Review about to come to the surface again? After the No vote from Scottish residents on 19 September 2014 and David Cameron’s pledge to give the English powers in addition to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland going to be the catalyst for local regions to not only want a budget for their region, but also the ability to set the tax rates for their region.

On Look North in Cumbria on 19 September 2014 the local news channel shared aspirations for local councils to not have to go cap in hand to Westminster; so will this mean local income tax? The views of the public might be a positive one for their region, but for payroll this could be a nightmare in the making; regional taxes; need we say more……..