Countdown Bulletin 23 – February 2017

07 February 2017

Scheme Reconciliation Service (SRS)

HMRC continues to experience high volumes of queries in relation to scheme reconciliation.

Significant numbers of slots for clerical processing have been filled however the influx of queries has led to an extended wait time between submission to HMRC by PSAs and HMRC starting their review.

The Customer Relations Management (CRM) team are working with PSAs to ensure everyone is aware of this delay prior to the submission of the queries and we would encourage you to contact them using the CRM hunt group number of Telephone: 03000 550315 in advance of query submissions to discuss expected timescales.

Once data is received by HMRC via Shared Workspace, the CRM team will again contact the PSAs by phone and a follow up confirmation email with the expected HMRC reply timescales.

Following a streamlining to internal administration processes the CRM team are currently contacting PSA’s within approximately 2 days of submission of queries to confirm expected timescales and have improved our customer waiting time by 25% when responding to queries.

Should automation of SRS queries result in slots being released, the team will allocate a revised timescale on a first in first out basis, and will contact the relevant PSAs to update them.

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