We are pleased to announce, following a successful pilot, applications for Chartered membership have now re-opened

28 April 2021

Previously only applicants holding a level five qualification in payroll, pensions and reward were eligible to apply.

Applications will now also be accepted from professionals who can evidence significant experience within the industry. Applicants on either route, (qualifications or experience), will need to prove they have extensive experience in strategic, project and budget management.

Chartered membership is the highest level of professional membership the CIPP offer and is awarded to applicants who meet the criteria. Applications are scored at a panel of current Chartered members so the process is fair. The panel checks applicants demonstrate how their experience meets their organisation’s strategic objectives and aligns with the CIPP’s values.

Along with this, the application form has been streamlined and new guidelines for its completion will be provided. Competency frameworks have been created by industry professionals clearly show the experience required for Chartered member status.

Find out more about Chartered membership here:  Chartered CIPP Membership for Payroll Professionals | CIPP