HMRC invites you to check out your Income Tax Estimate digital service

16 June 2015

HMRC is developing a new PAYE digital service called ‘Check your Income Tax estimate’. It is a service for individual employees rather than employers and they are looking for volunteers to test the service for them.

Check your Income Tax estimate’ will allow individuals to see online:

an estimate of the Income Tax they are likely to pay in the current year;

  • how it has been calculated and against which source of income it will be payable;
  • you can also use it to make changes to your estimated pay.

Other services are also being built so you can control more of the content of your tax situation.

You can test the service online and it should only take around 20 minutes to complete. HMRC would really appreciate your feedback which will help them to continuously improve the service.

Before you get started you will be taken to GOV.UK Verify to confirm your identity. You will need the following with you when using the service:

  • a valid UK Passport;
  • UK photo card driving licence;
  • access to your financial information (this is needed for the fact based questions which only you should be able to answer.), i.e. ability to log into your online banking, or have your last 2 months’ bank statements. You might be asked for other details such as credit card/store card providers, amounts paid off a statement, questions about your mortgage, who are your utility providers, who is your mobile phone contract with.

You will also need a mobile phone so that you can complete a 2-step verification process (the identity provider will send a one-time code text message to your phone).

HMRC is really hoping you will try the service, take a good look at it and check your taxable income. If you think that the details HMRC holds for you are incorrect you can change them within this service.

Please ensure any changes you make are correct and complete as, while this is a trial service, any changes you make will affect your tax record.

If you're uncertain about anything please use the 'Get help with this' which you will find at the bottom of the page.

Please remember that this is a trial service so please don’t take to your Twitter accounts and publicise it just yet, HMRC want to move forward steadily. When you sign out there is a feedback survey so please complete it. This trial service is available until 6 July. HMRC will then use your feedback to improve the service before it is released more widely.