Changes to HMRC online services login

13 July 2016

In March HMRC highlighted upcoming changes to how you login to their online services. The final changes will come into effect from 18 July 2016.

Agents and clients will now login to our online services through a new web page. You will login in the same way but the page will look different.

The new login page improves the customer experience, strengthens security and enhances the performance of the login service. Many agents and clients have been using the new login for months and it has been thoroughly tested. You can access the page using this link.

Impact of the change on the 18th July 2016.

Agents and clients have been able to access HMRC services using the existing HMRC Government Gateway login page. On the 18th July, you will no longer be able to login through that page and the new HMRC Government Gateway login page will have to be used. Users will be automatically re-directed to the new login page if they try to access the old page.

Software developers have been informed of this change and were asked to update their software packages with the new login page by 31 May. The timing of the change to the login page has provided developers with more time to trial and implement any changes.

Some agents and their clients may use 'silent login' - a background process that automatically logs them into the HMRC website (with Government Gateway Usernames and Passwords). They may also need to update the links to HMRC login pages within their internal systems. (Please note, existing submissions to the Government Gateway API (Submission Protocol) will not be affected by this change).

Action Required:

Agents and their clients need to be aware that if they use a software application that completes ‘silent login’ using the existing HMRC Government Gateway login page, they should have already updated their software to work with the new login page based on previous HMRC communications.