06 September 2023


Join us for a transformative webinar that uncovers the concept of Lean Payroll, an approach that's revolutionising how payroll can be more efficient, flexible, and employee-centric. 

Explore the key concepts that are redefining the payroll landscape, from eliminating payroll bottlenecks to understand the key pillars of 'Lean'. You’ll learn:

  1. The new concept of Lean Payroll—including its roots in manufacturing and how it can transform modern payroll.

  2. Understanding of the payroll bottleneck, the biggest challenge in payroll today.

  3. The main concepts underpinning Lean methodology: unevenness, waste, and overburden.

  4. How we can apply these pillars to payroll to see incredible transformation.

  5. Practical steps for implementing Lean Payroll practices.

Book your place here: Introducing Lean Payroll: Practices Transforming the Payroll Industry | CIPP 

Seb Aspland is CTO of The PSSG, leading product, development and IT across the entire group. Seb has 14 years of industry experience and has built and run product and development teams in high growth and high uncertainty environments, working for some of the fastest growing VC and PE-backed tech companies in the UK. Seb is passionate about creating true change in the payroll industry and has an extremely unique view on how we achieve this. Using his drive to solve real-world payroll problems and his innovative way of thinking, he’s pioneering the Lean Payroll concept and helping to drive ultimate transformation for all our customers.

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