CIPP Quick Poll results: How extensive is HMRC’s CJRS compliance work?

16 August 2021

The CIPP’s Policy team is in regular conversation with CIPP members. Recently, there have been reports that HMRC has been issuing letters relating to compliance with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). Therefore, we wanted to determine how widely these letters have been circulated.

To do this, we posted a Quick Poll on our News Online page, which asked:

“Have you received a compliance letter from HMRC asking for information about CJRS audits?”

The majority of answers indicated that no, organisations had not received compliance letters of this nature, with 84% of respondents selecting that option. This means that the remaining 16% confirmed that, yes, they had received letters relating to CJRS audits from HMRC.

We know that CJRS audits are going to be a big activity for HMRC going forward, with the introduction of the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce in March 2021’s Budget. We wait to see over the coming weeks and months if there are additional reports from payroll departments in this area, and how HMRC will carry the audits out. 

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