The CIPP's Payslip Statistics Survey report 2008-2022

22 June 2022

Results from the CIPP's flagship piece of research, the Payslip Statistics Survey, are now available for you to read online. Discover what the current payslip trends are, and how they compare to those you observe within your organisation.

The policy and research team is responsible for collating this research and is thankful to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey to generate the results in this report. These contributions are vital to ensure the results are representative of the payroll industry as a whole.

Each year, topical questions are included in the survey. This year, the health and social care levy payslip message, and the ongoing impact of furlough were included. Furthermore, this year, the question bank has been developed to include new research to expand the depth of this report. The questions have been refined and modernised to ensure the results are relevant and meaningful for the payroll professionals of today.

View the Payroll Statistics Survey Report 2008-2022 now.

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