CIPP Survey on Employment Status

12 May 2015

The CIPP Policy & Research Team have published a short survey to gather your views and experiences on Employment Status.

The survey questions look to gather views, experiences and opinions on a small number of issues raised within the OTS Employment Status Report, published in March 2015.

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) was commissioned to examine the dividing line between employment and self-employment and consider whether it is drawn in the right place and in the right way.

Their research covered a broad range of relevant areas that considered whether the current employment status tests result in real uncertainty and if so does this uncertainty extend across all sectors or are some sections of the workforce more affected.

The review considered special cases, international comparisons, and the possible scope for improved services via use of digitisation and as you would expect, the current guidance and support available from Government and HMRC services.

The OTS Employment Status Report was published in March 2015, it contains 181 pages, 12 chapters, and 10 annexes and provides an extensive supply of extremely useful references on the subjects of Employment and Income Tax Status.

Whilst not absolutely essential to enable you to respond to the questions in this survey , we would recommend that you have the report available, to refer to for additional information when responding to the survey questions.

The survey will close on Friday 22 May and we thank you for your time in responding to this survey.