Course location of the week: Scotland

03 February 2014

Payroll update

This course is aimed at anyone with payroll responsibility, or in a payroll, finance or HR role who needs to be updated, to understand and recognise the implications on their employer and employees should attend this course.

This unique course will provide detailed explanations and practical information about recent, current and prospective changes in tax, NICs, employment law, deductions and statutory payments. In fact, everything of importance to the payroll professional. This focused course represents the single best opportunity to be briefed and updated about changes affecting payroll.







We are currently offering a saving of buy one get one half price for delegates who book on the same Payroll Update course so if you are thinking of attending why not bring along a team member. If you do not have a colleague to take advantage of this offer with, then you may choose a different one day course to attend and you will get this at half price.

Pensions for payroll, automatic enrolment and salary sacrifice

Anyone responsible for, or connected with, pensions within their organisation and anyone in the HR, finance or payroll environment that requires an understanding of pension schemes, the statutory requirements surrounding automatic enrolment and the benefits of considering salary sacrifice to reduce the employer costs of automatic enrolment.

This illuminating course explains the legal and payroll related implications of the planning and introduction of automatic enrolment for pensions and salary sacrifice arrangements. It examines, with examples, why an arrangement may or may not be effective or successful.







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