CORVID PayGate and Star Payroll Software join forces to make Bacs processing more accessible to service providers

27 March 2019

The PayGate platform already processes payroll transactions for many Star customers; this move sees the addition of PayGate to the Star offering, enhancing its portfolio of financial solutions.

Currently, accountants and other providers who offer payroll services and are not Bacs-approved Bureaux rely on banks or other third-party bureaux to then process the payroll payment files on their behalf.  This outsourcing appears simpler to begin with but often quickly leads to a loss of control and rapidly increasing costs as volumes increase, especially when fees are usually directly linked to volumes.  Whilst for many the task of becoming a Bacs-approved Bureau is just not realistic given the cost and administrative burden, PayGate provides an alternative that is easy to access, intuitive and cost-effective.

Craig Steger-Lewis, MD of CORVID PayGate: “Many Star customers are already benefitting from the seamless integration of PayGate to the Star system to provide Bacs processing of their payroll service; we’re delighted to be entering into partnership with the Star team to make PayGate easily and readily available to all their customers, enabling even more of them to extend their value proposition to their clients.”

PayGate allows payroll service providers to take control of the end-to-end process; payroll files created with Star software are imported directly into PayGate in their native formats, where they’re automatically translated into Bacs-ready transactions, saving time, maintaining file integrity and ensuring process security.

Howard Hoddell, head of sales at Star explains, “The changes in legislation, combined with rising complexity and increased security, often prevent companies from running their own payroll. We are seeing many businesses turn to their accountant for support as a natural extension to accountancy services.  However, for practices to thrive in the digital economy, services must be commercially viable. Removing Bacs accreditation costs and potentially reducing bank charges enables firms to offer affordable payroll services.”