5% off course of the week: Holiday Pay and Leave

28 November 2014


This course is aimed at practitioners who need to understand both the legal requirements and the daily practicalities of handling holiday pay and leave consistently and fairly.

This practical half day training course includes an overview of the legal framework that governs holiday pay and entitlement, as well as worked exercises to explore the calculations thoroughly.

It takes a scenario-based approach to examine tricky situations such as part-time worker’s entitlement to bank holidays, entitlement changes during the leave year, and entitlement accrual during absence for other reasons.

And because ongoing case law in this area means constant changes, the course includes future changes to be aware of.


  • Overtime, commission and back-dated claims
  • Sage estimates 295,000 workers in the UK may be affected
  • May impact salary sacrifice scheme (purchase and selling of annual leave)
  • Calculation of holiday pay for employees with zero hour contracts
  • Calculation of holiday pay for employees who are hourly paid.

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