Countdown Bulletin 54

29 March 2021

In the latest edition of the Countdown Bulletin, there is an update on the issuing of final data cuts.

In the previous edition of the Bulletin (Countdown Bulletin 53), HMRC confirmed that it planned to complete the issue of the final data cuts by the end of July 2020. There were no substantial delays to that date, and all output received from the final data cut scans was issued to the pension scheme administrator registered on HMRC systems.

Schemes with nil output, or those for which HMRC has been unable to trace the scheme administrator, have not been issued with data cuts.

Schemes that have not received their final data cuts, where they were appointed administrator of a scheme prior to 31 July 2020, should contact the Customer Relationship Team by using the email address [email protected].

Requests for final data cuts need to be sent by no later than 31 July 2021, and HMRC will only publish final data cuts for schemes engaged with the Scheme Reconciliation Service or ceased schemes with an ongoing file in the Scheme Cessation area in April 2018.


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