Course of the week: Employee share options and shares

13 January 2016

This course is aimed at practitioners who need to understand how employee share options (and employees holding shares) works, how they fit into an overall benefits package and the practical implications from a taxation and payroll perspective.

What will I learn?

This course includes an overview of the nature of shares and share options and why employers might use them as part of a benefits package.

It will explain the difference between unapproved and approved options. It will outline the types of schemes available. The course will analyse the tax treatment of the different approved and unapproved schemes.

The course will deal with the practical reporting and filing requirements and changes to HMRC requirements.

Course content

  • Understanding shares and options
    • What is a share?
    • How are shares valued?
    • What is a share option?
    • Why give employees shares?
  • Approved and unapproved share options
    • What is an approved share option?
    • Types of approved share option
    • EMI
    • Employee shareholders/rights for shares scheme
    • CSOP
    • SAYE
    • Unapproved options
    • Effect of employees holding shares
  • Taxation of share options and grants of shares
    • When does income tax and NI apply ?
    • When does CGT /entrepreneurs’ relief apply ?
    • When does income tax and NI fall within the PAYE regime
  • Reporting requirements and taxation elections
    • S431 elections and their importance
    • Form 42 and scheme specific filing requirements
    • Changes to method of filing

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