Are you logging your CPD?

29 November 2013

Continuing professional development (CPD) is important to every professional in whatever role or industry they work within. Being a payroll professional is no different. It is important to keep up to date on the changes in legislation and processes that affect your role, in order for you to perform your job successfully.

Through CPD you can apply any learning to your workplace and it should become part of your every day work. Working within payroll you sometimes have no choice but to keep learning and changing, it comes with the territory and is part of being a payroll professional.

As a member of the CIPP you will be able to login to and find an area entitled My CPD within which you will be able to record any learning and development that you have undertaken at any time during your membership year.

CPD is now linked to membership renewals and upgrades, if you are a Full or Fellow Member of the CIPP you will need evidence of CPD before you are able to renew. And, if you are an associate member looking to upgrade, you will need evidence of CPD in order to do so. CPD is linked to your membership year so if your membership starts at the beginning of March, so does your CPD year.

What counts towards your CPD?

Below are some examples of activities that could be logged:

> Reading CIPP's News On Line

> Reading PayrollProfessional magazine

> FREE - CIPP member forums

> CIPP Online learning

> CIPP Qualifications

> CIPP Training courses

> CIPP events

In order to assist you with your CPD, the CIPP shall be providing you the opportunity to book a 121 meeting with a member of the CIPP team at any of the CIPP events. These 121 meetings will provide you with the opportunity to:

> Discuss your CPD objectives and how you can achieve them
> Make sure that you are on track to achieve your CPD
> Identify relevant training and development opportunities to assist you with achieving your CPD
> Learn how to use the CPD tool and membership area of the CIPP website effectively
> Discuss anything else in relation to CPD

Find out more about CPD online or email [email protected]. Don't leave it to the last minute, remember to update your online CPD log regularly.