CIPP Poll on flexible working

11 August 2016

Just over two years ago, the government extended the right to apply for flexible working to all employees, as long as they have at least 26 weeks’ service with their current employer.

Before 30 June 2014, the right only applied to parents of children under the age of 17 years (or 18 years if the child was disabled) and certain carers.

There are many types of flexible working, such as job sharing, working from home, working full-time but over fewer days, flexitime and part-time working.

Requests must be considered and decided upon by employers within 3 months of the receipt of the request and employers must have a sound business reason for rejecting any request.

To help us understand, in part, how much flexible working has become part of our culture, please take a moment to complete our CIPP Poll on our home page (bottom right) which asks:

Approximately what percentage of your workforce has applied for flexible working within the last 2 years?