Collection of Student Loans

11 May 2015

The CIPP Policy Team are members of the Collection of Student Loans forum and a recent meeting revealed some employer contact analysis which showed some common issues.

Work has been taking place within the Collection of Student Loans (CSL) Group to understand and detect any trends and patterns in Student Finance related call volumes. Early findings show some emerging trends:

Incorrect business addresses – both email and paper, but mainly email.

Employers stating notice never received – to date this is the largest single reason for non-operation of a notice. Further analysis will take place on these calls but early findings show that some employers do not check their on-line services account frequently enough, thereby missing notices.

Some student loan start and stop notices have been received but they have not been acted upon until either the student loan borrower or HMRC make contact to confirm. Detail so far includes:

o A failure to act on P45 part 3 given to the employer.

o The Employer receiving the notice but not passing it on to the individual or agent who deals with the payroll.

o The employer not knowing their HMRC user name and ID which would allow them to retrieve the notice.


As an attempt to resolve some first step issues for employers, here are some basic hints and reminders:

1. Check your contact details are correct the next time you are submitting your Full Payment Submission (FPS) information to HMRC;

2. Ensure you are aware of your HMRC user names and ID;

3. Frequently check and retrieve any electronic notices that have been sent to your HMRC online account;

4. Pass on any notices to the correct payroll person, agent or department and keep those contact details up to date;

5. Ensure you act on student loan information given to you either on a form P45 (part 3) or when gathering starter declaration information from new employees.

 CIPP comment

Samantha Mann, Senior Policy Officer for the CIPP represents members at the CSL forum. The consultation group meets quarterly and the next meeting is taking place on 2 June so if you have any agenda items you would like raised, please email policy with the details.

Follow this link to read the minutes of the last CSL forum meeting - CSL Consultation Group minutes - 3 March 2015. Previous minutes are available on GOV.UK.

To understand more about the consultation forums the policy team attend, you can review the terms of reference on the CIPP website under My CIPP/Policy think tank.