DEA guides updated

09 January 2018

The DEA guide for employers includes information aimed at helping employers who are issued with a Direct Earnings Attachment for one (or more) of their employees.

The further more detailed guide includes worked examples to help clarify what is required by employers who are instructed to make deductions from an employee’s pay because they owe money to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

It is important to ensure you are referring to the latest edition in the event you need to make contact with the DWP by telephone. Employer enquiries relating to DEA can be made to the dedicated helpline 0800 916 0614, which can also be used to make payments by debit card.

Where an employer wishes to make a single payment to cover two or more employees they can elect to email a payments schedule which is necessary to identify all payments correctly and to aid reconciliation. A DEA employer declaration form is to be completed and posted to DWP Debt Management before the email address to use is issued.

Any questions regarding this process should be address to DWP debt management at 0161 873 4654.


CIPP comment

Thanks to eagle eyed members we have contacted DWP to draw their attention to the missing % amounts on page 23 and 24 of the DEA guide for employers. We are pleased to say that the DWP amended the guide very promptly when we made them aware of the error.

On a separate note we would like to hear from members who are or have experienced problems submitting bulk payments for DEA’s or other pay attachments. Please email policy marking your email FAO Samantha Mann, senior policy & research officer.