Create a success mindset across your workforce with discounts on Subio programmes

06 July 2022

Back in 2010, Subio sought to ask 'Why are some people successful and others not when given the same situation or circumstances?' Their research identified nine key elements that are always present in any successful outcome. This led to creating their 'Key to Success' (K2S) framework, tools and supporting technology.

subio K2S diagram june 2022.png

Working across a range of organisations and sectors such as the NHS, Mercer, Liaison Group and even the military special forces, Subio has helped individuals and teams create the agility to deliver objectives, projects and goals by building a success approach and mindset.

Working in collaboration with Subio, the CIPP have agreed a discount on the Subio product portfolio, as follows:

K2S and K2S Platinum Programme - 10% discount for members

  • K2S - build the core understanding to create a success mindset within your organisation
  • K2S Platinum Programme - embed and actively use K2S to achieve all organisational goals, projects and objectives, via a 12-month programme.
Subio K2S Programme Brochure


K2S BAU Consult - 5% discount for members

  • Business alignment and understanding (BAU) - assess the alignment within the workforce to plans and strategy using a diagnostic tool and based on the results, target where experienced Subio coaches can support.
Subio K2S BAU Consult Brochure


Interested? Head over to the CIPP website to fill in an enquiry form and a member of the Subio team will be in touch.