DWP DEA - Change of Bank Account

25 October 2016

25 October 2016

This revision has prompted some follow up questions that look to clarify the transitional process, and these have been posed to the Debt Management team within DWP.

Can you confirm if the old bank account will remain operational for a while, and if so for how long?

We have thousands of DEAs set up across our systems, which will currently pay into the existing bank account where we make the Bacs payment. It will be a major undertaking to get them all updated.

The current HSBC banking details (Account number: 51826107, Sort Code 40-34-18) will remain active until March 2017 but we have an option to extend beyond this date if absolutely necessary, depending on volumes of employers and customers (via other payment methods) who have not switched to the new RBS/NatWest bank account.

Is it possible for us to be notified when a new version of the guide for employers is going to be published?

There will be an updated version of the employer guide and this is published to go-live on www.gov.uk on 31st October which will remove the outgoing HSBC details and solely contain the new RBS/NatWest details.

The Debt Management department within DWP have begun to issue a mail shot to all employers who are present on their system, informing them of the change and this exercise will conclude by the middle of November at the latest.

This is the last banking update for the foreseeable future any other updates are likely to concentrate on process amendments.