How you can help the government?s Youth Employment agenda

06 May 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) would like to create an independent social media buzz focussing on capturing the achievement, excitement and trepidation of a young person starting work.

This work forms part of the government's Youth agenda. Using viral marketing is a new channel for the DWP where they will be using an independent voice. They do not want to directly badge the activity as DWP or HM Government.

The DWP would like you to encourage young people to post selfie images, blogs or video diaries on social media platforms, such as facebook or instagram and link to these using #firstjob on Twitter.


How you can help

  • Use your contacts to publicise and encourage new starters to post their new job experiences and use #firstjob on Twitter
  • Use independent partners to encourage their users to contribute and actively promote examples
  • Encourage independent advocates, stakeholders, providers and the media to promote or cover.

Proposed text to publicise:

Starting a new job?

Congratulations! You can inspire others to do the same by taking a 'selfie' on your first day and posting it on facebook, instagram and twitter etc.

Get involved... link to Twitter using #firstjob with your photos and thoughts.