Re-platforming of the PAYE EDI Service

02 June 2016

Mark’s public statement of intent aimed to give both developers and users of EDI ample of notice of HMRC’s intention to phase out the use of EDI as a transactional channel.

That statement has been widely circulated across the EDI community, at IReeN conferences and via e-mail from EDI Account Managers.

A formal Discovery Phase commenced in April to capture the existing “as is” processes for the EDI Service. Consultation has taken place with HMRC key stakeholders to map the business processes and with HMRC technical architects to map the IT dependencies and interfaces.

A meeting, held in May, marked the first formal consultation with representatives of the IReeN User Group, British Commuter Society Payroll Group and Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals to map user experience and capture pressure/pain points with the existing service. Customer engagement and consultation will continue and expand throughout this project.

As we head into summer HMRC will be exploring technical options for a solution and engaging with the EDI user group to draw in user feedback/research and will be drawing out high level requirements and later in the year exploring the end technical solution in consultation with EDI users.

Further updates will be forthcoming as the project progresses however in the meantime if you have questions or experiences that you want to share with the EDI user group please contact Simon Parsons Chair of IReeN and of BCS Payroll Group or Samantha Mann CIPP Senior Policy & Research Officer who can be contacted at [email protected].