Survey - students need your help

02 March 2015

You are invited to participate in a research survey which is designed to contribute to two research studies, as follows:

Study to be carried out by Elaine Gibson MSc FCIPP

Work Based Learning: An Investigation into Employer Engagement in Higher Education, Context: Case Study CIPP HE Provision

Study to be carried out by Liz Lay MSc FCIPP

Work Based Learning: An investigation of how employer engagement impacts learner motivation and barriers to learning.

The purpose of this study is to obtain research, the results of which will be used to support continual improvement of the CIPP Higher Education Course provision relating to employer engagement.

In this study, you will be asked to complete an electronic survey. Your participation in this study is voluntary and you are free to withdraw your participation from this study at any time. The survey should take only 10 minutes to complete.

This survey has been approved by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP). It should be noted that this study does not place any respondent at physical, psychological or emotional harm. Participation in this survey is anonymous.

All information collected for the above studies being as a result of your participation may benefit the payroll profession by providing a better understanding of employer culture, drivers, impact and expectation relating to engagement in course interaction at a higher education level.

If you have any questions related to this survey or either research project, please contact:

By completing and submitting this survey, you are indicating your consent to participate in the study. Your participation is appreciated.

If you are ready to participate on this survey please click here. Please note the survey will close on 13 March 2015. Thank you.

The survey contents and findings are the sole responsibility of the individual’s conducting the survey.