Employer CJRS claims: March 2021

07 June 2021

HMRC has published an updated list of employers who utilised the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) to include details of those claiming for the period of March 2021.

For March, no employers claimed within the banded ranges of £50,000,001 to £100,000,000 or £100,000,001 and above.

Only three employers submitted claims with a total value of between £25,000,001 and £50,000,000 relating to March 2021. There were six employers who claimed within the range of £10,000,001 and £25,000,000 for the same period.

At the other end of the scale, 754,849 employers claimed within the lowest bracket of between £0.01 and £10,000.

When compared to employer usage of the scheme back in December 2020, in which seven employers actually claimed between £50,000,001 and £100,0000,000, when combined with the latest set of CJRS statistics published by HMRC, it appears that the level of employer reliance on the scheme is becoming less as time goes on.


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