Ethnicity Pay Gap Bill

13 June 2016

A Bill has begun its passage through the Houses of Parliament which will require employers with 250 or more employees to report on the remuneration of employees for the purpose of showing whether there are pay differences for those from different ethnic groups.

Further details will be available as the Bill progresses through parliament but what we know at the moment is that the Ethnicity Pay Gap Bill may not require an employer with fewer than 250 employees to report information, nor any organisation specified in Schedule 19 to the Equality Act 2010; public authorities, government departments or part of the armed forces.

Regulations may specify what information about employers must be included in the report; what information about employees must be included in the report; the way in which an employer must calculate the number of its employees; when and how frequently employers must report and the form and manner in which employers must report.

Regulations may not require an employer to report more frequently than once in every 12 month period, subsequent to the first report.

When the Bill becomes an Act of law it will extend to England and Wales.