Employment and Payroll Group minutes published

06 November 2015

The minutes from the Employment and Payroll Group (EPG) meeting held on 10 September have now been published on GOV.UK.

Topics under discussion included:

  • Under 25 Apprenticeship Policy
  • Payrolling Tool Demonstration
  • Disputed Charges
  • Reg 72
  • IR35

The minutes can be accessed through this link Employment and Payroll Group as can minutes of previous meetings.

Employment and Payroll Group

The Employment and Payroll Group replaced the Employment Consultation Forum in December 2014. The EPG is HMRC’s principal forum for HMRC, and other government departments, to engage with the employment and payroll community. It focuses on high-level operational policy and process issues. It provides a forum through which members can raise and discuss issues or problems in administering payroll obligations or in relation to employment tax issues more generally.

The CIPP’s Elaine Gibson is co-chair of this forum with HMRC so if you do have any agenda items, or any issues you would like raised please email policy with the details