Employment Related Securities (ERS) Online Service

29 August 2014

Here is the HMRC announcement:

Some of you have been telling us that you’d like more help in finding your way around the ERS service, and especially with Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) notifications. In response, we’ve published some frequently asked questions about the ERS service, and placed a series of useful articles in our ERS bulletins

You can start sending us EMI notifications when:

· your client is set up on PAYE online

· you are authorised to act on their behalf

· they have registered their EMI scheme

With the 92 day notification time limit for EMI, planning ahead can help enormously. Here are a few tips to help things run smoothly:

· As with all HMRC systems, please make sure you allow enough time to get the necessary authorisations – EMI notifications can only be made online.

· Employers must be registered for PAYE online first, as they need to register any share schemes or arrangements themselves. This can’t be done by an agent.

· It can take up to 10 days for an employer to receive their credentials and access PAYE online, if they haven’t used it before. And they’ll need to add up to another 10 days if they haven’t registered with HMRC for taxes.

· Once your client has registered and activated PAYE online you can apply for authorisation to act on their behalf. The code will be sent to the employer to pass on to you. This can take up to another 10 days.

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