Cutting EU red tape: Business Taskforce achievements

06 November 2014

The Government has issued an update on work by the EU Business Taskforce to reduce red tape in the European Union, including confirmation of changes affecting apprenticeships and overseas postings of employees.

The Government update reports on ten agreed simplifications, including two of specific relevance to employers:

· The Council agreed a non-binding Recommendation, rather than binding legislation, on Traineeships . This has given Member States the flexibility to decide how apprenticeships and work placements can be delivered, allowing employers in the UK to continue to run tailored schemes with minimal bureaucracy to help get young people into work.

· The agreement reached on the Posting of Workers Enforcement Directive limits the amount of paperwork that businesses are required to provide. Member States are also required to publish clear information about requirements when posting workers, providing more certainty and transparency for business.

These changes have been negotiated by the EU Business Taskforce which comprises six British business leaders.