CIPP helps shine a light on new not-for-profit for low-income families

10 February 2016

The CIPP is continuing to champion financial education for the nation by supporting an impressive launch event for a new not-for-profit called Fair For You at the House of Commons.

The new community interest company is throwing down the gauntlet to the rent-to-own market, promising low-income households hundreds of pounds of savings on loans for emergency purchases like washing machines and fridge freezers.

The CIPP’s support for Fair for You comes on the back of its continued work within financial education for the nation, such as promoting the use of credit unions in the workplace and encouraging pension awareness. In addition, CIPP CEO, Lindsay Melvin, also plays a vital role within Fair For You as a trustee – bringing on board his expertise within credit unions and payroll.

Established in 2015, Fair for You is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, wholly owned by a registered charity which was set up to alleviate poverty.The new organisation has carried out extensive market research among lower income households to develop affordable, flexible and responsible credit to meet their needs.

However, with Fair for You still within its fledgling days it wanted to start 2016 with a big bang and make a mark on the industry. The not-for-profit turned to the CIPP for its expertise and asked its team to help organise and host a special House of Commons launch event to unveil the group and its goals.

The event was well attended by a whole host of MPs from across the political spectrum, unions, manufacturers and many other renowned guests and experts.

All loans are to buy essential items through an online high street that Fair for You is developing, starting with white goods provided through a partner manufacturer. Goods are delivered for free, with old items removed and low cost for installation, again meeting the needs identified in the development phase in family households with income below £25,000.

Fair for You is the brainchild of chief executive Angela Clements, who has extensive experience in the credit union sector.

Clements said: “It is now harder than ever for lower income working family households to access affordable credit when hit by a relatively minor emergency such as a broken essential household item. What they need is access to credit quickly to keep their homes running, their children in clean clothes, and eating hot meals. This means that the only credit available to them is from high impact, high cost lenders that trap them into paying a disproportionate cost for credit for longer than necessary.”

She added: “We’ve listened to what people want and have built the service around what they told us. We understand the need for quality and reliable items, with credit that is flexible and supportive. Our launch event was a crucial part of our strategy and has already helped spread the word and got people talking, but none of that would be possible without the vital help of the CIPP who helped host and make the event a big hit.”

Fair for You has a number of funding partners, including Esmee Fairbairn, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Funding Network. It wholly owns Fair for You Enterprise CIC (Community Interest Partnership), a not-for-profit organisation with community benefit at its heart which received full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority in November 2015.

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