Fire Brigade Union and British Medical Association to fight McCloud costs

08 July 2022

The Fire Brigade Union (FBU) and British Medical Association (BMA) can move forward with plans to oppose the cost of McCloud remedies being passed onto scheme members.

The McCloud judgement followed the 2015 public sector pension scheme reforms that saw indirect age discrimination as a result of the changes. The remedies proposed will see members given a choice as to which scheme they would like service between April 2015 and March 2022 to count for. HM Treasury has estimated the cost of this remedy, without considering the administration costs, would be around £17 billion.

Currently the costs will rest with members of the scheme, something that the FBU and BMA are fighting to oppose. The costs are to be managed with a cost cap mechanism, but critics are complaining that this method of covering the costs also constitutes age discrimination.

With the remedy being introduced to fix the result of age discrimination, it can be expected that the government will fight hard to ensure that the remedy is not judged to have introduced further discrimination.

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