Fit for Work goes live

11 March 2015

The Fit for Work advice service is live and the referral service will roll-out shortly.

Once referred by their GP, employees will be able to get tailored advice from an occupational health professional when they have been off sick for four weeks or more. They may receive a Return to Work plan which offers advice as to how you can work together to help them back to work. You can use the Return to Work plan in place of a fit note.

Fit for Work intends to complement, not replace, existing occupational health provision. It will be particularly beneficial for SMEs who previously had no access to occupational health advice. The Government has also introduced tax exemptions of up to £500 on medical treatments recommended by Fit for Work or an employer's occupational health service.

GPs can refer individuals to Fit for Work. Employers in England and Wales, will be able to refer from autumn 2015 – employers Scotland, from spring 2015.

Find where the service is currently live and where it will be rolling out in England and Wales and in Scotland.

There are 2 elements:

  • an advice service providing health and work advice through a website and a telephone line
  • a referral service providing an occupational health assessment and a return to work plan for employees who have been off sick from work, or are likely to be off sick from work, for 4 weeks or more

Roll-out of the referral service is taking place over a period of months. Find out more about the referral service.

Guidance will be updated regularly as referrals begin to be accepted for occupational health assessments, to reflect the roll out across Great Britain.

Visit the Fit for Work guidance for employers or visit Fit for Work to find out what’s available and sign-up to receive updates.