Half of employers unaware of flexible working changes

03 June 2014

More than half of businesses are unaware of the forthcoming changes to flexible working, according to research from Jobsite.

From 30 June, all employees who have worked for their employer for at least 26 weeks will be entitled to request alternative working patterns. The survey showed that, of those organisations that know about the provision, 25 per cent had not thought about its effect.

“The knowledge gap identified in our research is worrying,” said Philip Landau, Employment Lawyer at Jobsite. “Impacts should not be underestimated and we urge companies to use the next month to get prepared, or be prepared to be caught out.”

Despite 77 per cent of workers not knowing about the changes, more than one-third cited flexible working as the most important employer attribute and 66 per cent would request it given the opportunity.

Although many companies are not prepared for the new laws, 56 per cent believe that they will improve their business as employees will be happier. However, nearly one-third are concerned that they will be left understaffed and 23 per cent are worried that they will not be able to fulfil requests.