Should you be a Friend of Auto Enrolment?

07 March 2014


The CIPP has launched, what looks to become, a very successful forum for collaboration regarding pensions auto enrolment, called “The Friends of AE”.

The Friends of Auto Enrolment has been launched in response to concerns that the “capacity crunch” issue may jeopardise the success of pensions auto enrolment.

Its central aim is to be “a capacity crunch task force” and is open to organisations that want to work collaboratively on the practical issues facing employers through sharing ideas, experiences and solutions.

There is no cost to join The Friends of AE, and you are likely to find membership very beneficial if you:

  • Provide any services or solutions into the pensions auto enrolment marketplace
  • Are an employer that has staged already and would be happy to share your knowledge and insight
  • Are an employer that hasn’t yet staged and want to be able to access the “best practice” ideas of others

The Friends of AE shares the view that Pensions Minister Steve Webb was right when he said, in July 2012, that: Almost 11 million of the adult population are not saving enough for retirement. So if millions of people are not going to get a nasty shock when they retire we need some big changes in the world of pensions.”

With the staging date tsunami building frighteningly fast from now until the Summer of 2017, when it peaks at an eye-watering 135,000 companies staging per month, the payroll, pensions, software and intermediary industries need to collaborate to help employers brace for the operational impact of auto enrolment, and that’s what The Friends of AE is all about.

There is no cost to join The Friends of AE – members are just asked to do whatever they can to help with the running of The Friends of AE itself and, of course, to work together to help employers tackle the many auto enrolment related challenges they are facing.

For enquiries and to apply for membership please email [email protected]