Friends of Auto Enrolment ? another valuable CIPP member benefit

25 June 2014

The Friends of Auto Enrolment is the CIPP’s clarion call to all the payroll, pensions, software and advisory organisations; plus all the IFA’s, EBC’s, employer groups and professional associations, to work together so that employers have a better chance of complying with their employer duties.

Andy Agathangelou, Head of Pensions at the CIPP explained that “The Friends of Auto Enrolment now has over 300 members from all the sectors involved in AE, working together to help employers cope with the many operational challenges they face.”

The London meetings have been well-received, so moving forward Friend of AE meetings will be taking place right around the country. Any CIPP member can attend meetings on a no-cost basis (places must be booked in advance by emailing Andy Agathangelou so this is another valuable CIPP member benefit).

CIPP member Fiona Hill, who runs AFH Payroll in Brighton has got involved, commenting:

“As for pretty much all of us working in payroll, AE has become an increasingly important part of our business, so when I heard about the CIPP’s Friends of AE meetings I thought I should go along to one to see for myself what they were all about. I attended the 15 May London Region event, not really knowing what to expect and feeling a little apprehensive because the invitation list included representation from The Pensions Regulator, Pension Providers, software developers, The ICAEW, IFAs, large firms of accountants, solicitors and employers. However, I soon realised that everyone is made to feel very welcome at these meetings, whatever the size or type of their organisation.

The session included a couple of interesting presentations and some lively discussions in smaller groups on the data standardisation issue, where ideas were considered and conclusions fed back. I understand that Friends of AE is now working with other bodies on this particularly important matter - collaboration seems to be the heart of what Friends of AE is all about.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some networking over a glass of wine - the variety of members makes Friends of AE great from a networking point of view and it’s useful to get an insight into how everybody else is being effected by AE.

As payroll is at the forefront of making AE a success, it’s great that our Institute is leading the way in bringing together all the relevant bodies and businesses and I would recommend other members to get involved, it’s a valuable CIPP member benefit.”

Fiona has since become Co-Chair for the Brighton Region of Friends of AE - similar volunteer vacancies exist right around the UK.

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