David Gauke promoted in reshuffle

16 July 2014

With all the media attention to some aspects of the Ministerial reshuffle, readers may have missed the fact that David Gauke MP, who has been effectively the Minister for HMRC for the past four years, has been promoted to become Financial Secretary to the Treasury. Priti Patel MP takes on his previous Economic Secretary role. But what will this change mean in practice?

It may be that only time will tell exactly what difference this promotion will make. The Government announcement of Mr Gauke’s new post indicates a number of new roles particularly on the European stage. However it also points to continued strategic oversight of the UK tax system and a continuing role as departmental minister for HMRC. And Mr Gauke has tweeted that he is “Delighted (a) to continue with current tax role in the Treasury and (b) to do so at Minister of State level as Financial Secretary.”



CIPP comment

Karen in policy is pleased to report that during the annual HMRC stakeholder event held in London on 17 July, Mr Gauke confirmed he would still be responsible for HMRC and all the administration that goes with it. The CIPP is pleased with this as at least we still have a sensible politician, who listens at the helm.