The Generic Notice - an accurate useful reminder or simply the cause of a frustrating and increased workload?

03 March 2014

We are told that the purpose of the Generic Notice is to assist the employer to improve their submission and payment procedures and thus avoid penalties?

Since their introduction in autumn last year, it is reasonable to say that they have caused a significant additional workload to Agents and to employers alike. If they were achieving their purpose i.e. assisting the employer to improve their submission and payment procedures, all would be good, but alas it is fair to say there has been significant teething problems i.e. their being issued incorrectly which has caused a significant amount of work for employers and their agents, particularly their agents.

If you have been affected by this and you haven’t already contacted us please could you contact us now, so that we can feed in to HMRC’s research in to what the root cause is when they are being incorrectly issued.

Please could you email policy and in the subject line it would be most helpful if you could add either:

  • GNS – Employer; or
  • GNS – Agent.

Many thanks in advance for you taking time out of your valuable day to feed in to this research.

Samantha Mann MCIPP Dip. CIPP Senior Policy & Research Officer