Government Gateway RTI submissions

14 April 2014

HMRC has issued a message regarding the issues experienced over the weekend with PAYE returns/submissions.

“We are sorry if you, or your clients or members, experienced problems trying to send PAYE RTI submissions (or other returns), over the weekend. The problem arose due to issues with the Government Gateway, which led to delays in sending our normal ‘success’ and ‘failure’ responses and, in some cases, to multiple responses.

As soon as we became aware of the issue we worked with colleagues from the Government Gateway to put things right. Any submissions sent since 11pm on Sunday night have been processed normally and acknowledgements sent as usual. Anyone sending submissions before that time may have experienced delays in receiving their ‘success’ (or ‘failure’) message.

We started to process the backlog of messages early this morning and the majority of employers have now received their ‘success’ (or ‘failure’) message and expect that the small number of outstanding messages should be received by tomorrow morning (Tues 15 April).

In the meantime, we would therefore be grateful if you would ask your clients and members not to

  • resend their submissions (unless they get a ‘failure’ message),
  • call us about this problem
  • delay sending submissions. This is especially important for 2013 – 14 Full Payment Submissions, as our system can only process them up to and including 19th April.

In addition to delays in receiving success and failure messages, some of your clients or members may also have received multiple responses during this period.

As you are aware, once HMRC has processed submissions, it sends a validation response back though the Government Gateway. When we send our validation responses, our system expects the Government Gateway to confirm that the success message has been sent. In this case, our systems did not receive these responses. Where HMRC does not receive the expected acknowledgement, it tries again up to 7 times. So, some customers may have received up to 8 messages for each submission.

In addition, some software products ‘poll’ for a response from the Government Gateway and automatically resubmit if no response has been received. In these cases, substantially more responses may have been received.

We note that some employers may be concerned that this may result in penalties or in ‘late filing’ warning messages. Please be assured, that each submission is ‘date stamped’ as it is received by the Government Gateway.

It is this date that HMRC uses as date of receipt. Therefore, no submission will

  • appear to have been received by HMRC later than the date it was actually accepted at the Government Gateway as a result of this issue; and
  • no late fling warning should be received as a result
  • no late filing penalties for the 2013/14 tax year will result so long as the employer submitted a correct FPS by 19 April or an Earlier Year Update by 19 May.

Guidance about final submissions can be found at .

Earlier today, we published a ‘What’s New’ about Earlier Year Updates, including a helpful flowchart explaining the process.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused."