Global payroll complexity index

05 March 2019

The CIPP is proud to be supporting NGA Human Resources in producing the 2019 Global Payroll Complexity Index (GPCI) and we invite you to provide your invaluable input into the GPCI. Why? Because as a professional, instrumental in ensuring the success of your organisation’s payroll process, no one understands the on-going challenges of maintaining its accuracy and compliance better than you do.


The GPCI report, published by NGA Human Resources and in association with the CIPP and other leading international payroll associations biennially, highlights significant changes in payroll legislation and laws since the last Index. It also ranks countries in order of complexity, highlighting those countries that have changed position and why this is.


Over the past decade, the GPCI has become the go-to resource for payroll professionals needing to ensure absolute payroll compliance in one or more countries or regions. It is regularly referenced in the business case planning for organisations looking to simplify existing multi-country payroll process or that are expanding into new countries.   


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To thank you for your valuable contribution, we will forward you a complimentary copy of the 2019 Global Payroll Complexity Index on publication.