Global technology study reveals shift in perceptions of home work

09 December 2014

Remote workers are just as productive or more productive than their office based colleagues, according to a global survey of how employees use technology at work.

We are grateful to the CIPD for their report on The 2014 Global Evolving Workforce Study, which surveyed about 5,000 employees of small, medium and large organisations in 12 countries, found that perceptions of people who work outside the workplace have shifted.

More than half (52 per cent) of respondents reported their remote colleagues were equally or more industrious than people based in the office.

However, the study, published by Dell and Intel, showed that this view had not changed in all countries.

Four out of 10 employees in China, India, Turkey and United Arab Emirates believe those working from home are less productive, and 29 per cent of those in developed countries aren’t sure what to think.

Of the people who spend any time working from home, half believe they are more productive than when they are in the office.

The study suggests that there are other benefits for people who work from home, for example 30 per cent said they slept more, 40 per cent drive less and 46 per cent of employees feel less stress.

But not everything about working from home is good, 20 per cent of employees said they took less exercise, while 38 per cent said they ate more snacks.