Volunteers needed for GMP Service User Research

20 November 2015

“With the ending of contracting out, in April 2016, there are many changes to the information HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) currently provide in relation to GMP data.

Currently, where an individual leaves a scheme, transfers in to a scheme, dies or claims/reaches State Pension Age (SPA), HMRC issues either paper statements (e.g. CA1625,CA1629) or a data file.

From April 2016 HMRC will no longer issue these statements or data files for any member who leaves, transfers, dies or claims/reaches SPA on or after 6 April 2016.

This means that schemes need to use the GMP Service to obtain a GMP calculation.

We have previously asked if you would like to be involved in testing the new format of the service and although we have had a good response we are still looking for more testers.

Making sure the service is tested properly via a wide range of users will make sure the service does provide the right support for you.

We need testers who currently:

  • request GMP calculations
  • deal with the statements/data files when a member retires or when a transfer takes place
  • receive data files and who upload them on to your systems

We would be grateful if you could provide, via the email address below, contact details i.e. name, company, email, telephone number and whether they are interested in using the service to obtain a GMP calculation directly or using data files.

Please include ‘GMP Service User Research’ as the subject heading and email [email protected].

This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in designing and developing the service.”

Full details can be found in Countdown Bulletin.