12 July 2023

HM Treasury has announced its intention to make an economic abuse tackling tool kit available to UK businesses. The interactive guide will be released later in the year, but is being rolled out to 30,000 HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) staff to review and improve before it is made publicly available.

The guide will help staff to spot the signs of economic abuse and assist to stop it from happening.

With payroll professionals being a key contact for financial related queries within a business, this may be extremely beneficial for employers to understand and work into their training regimes.

Financial secretary to the Treasury, Victoria Atkins, said “Economic and financial abuse can be less understood than other forms of domestic abuse, which is why it is vital organisations share best practice with one another whenever they can.”

If you are interested in reading more on this topic now, ahead of the release, there are already toolkits available for the public sector that may help you in some way. The new tool will build upon these already released resources.

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