Government departments face further cuts

05 June 2015

The government is committed to clearing the UK deficit by 2018-19 without increasing income tax or VAT and the Chancellor has revealed his plans for cuts to government departments including £80m from HMRC.

The Department for Work and Pensions also faces cuts of £105m.

TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady commented on the announcement saying:

“This is the wrong plan. We need an investment-led approach to deliver the strong recovery needed for wage rises, productivity gains and higher living standards. But the Chancellor’s plan for fast and extreme cuts will hold back growth, and it will slash the tax credits and vital services that workers and their families rely on.”

BBC News published a full list of the departmental cuts announced by the Chancellor, George Osborne:

  • Education non-schools - £450m
  • Health non-NHS - £200m
  • Transport inc. King's Cross property - £545m
  • Communities - £230m
  • Business, Innovation and Skills - £450m
  • Home Office £30m
  • Justice - £249m
  • Defence - £500m
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office - £20m
  • Energy and Climate Change - £70m
  • Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - £83m
  • Culture, Media and Sport - £30m
  • Work and Pensions - £105m
  • HM Revenue and Customs - £80m
  • HM Treasury - £7m
  • Cabinet Office - £17m