Accessing information on Government Gateway

17 April 2014

There is an issue on the Government Gateway accessing tax codes such as P9s for 2014/15 and HMRC’s Employer Helpline has advised of an interim workaround.

An example of the issue was given to us from a CIPP member. If the screen displays say a total of 65 and 30 can be viewed on each page, pages 2 and 3 can’t be viewed when an issue date of 6/4/14 is inputted. Nor can more than one P9 be downloaded.

The Employer Helpline advised that if the issue date is inputted as 1/2/14 then all P9s can be viewed and downloaded.

HMRC are aware of the problem and are currently investigating. Until a fix is put in place the Employer Helpline’s advice can be used.