Happy birthday Chartered membership!

16 October 2018

ian hodson 160x160.jpg

Next in line for our celebrations of Chartered members is Ian Hodson MSc ChMCIPPdip who attained this status in June. For Ian, ‘it was personally important to me to apply for Chartered membership both in respect of the credibility that this gives me as a payroll practitioner in my role but also because I know how hard the CIPP have worked to establish this career route and recognition for its members so I really wanted to be able to role model the accreditation to others.’

Since becoming a Chartered member, this has given Ian a lot of pride in the career pathway he has chosen of pay and broader reward and it gives you a lot of confidence in your own ability. In respect of professional standing, it also allows the contribution of the payroll practitioner to be seen on an equal par to that of the HR or finance equivalent, so it is very helpful to feel that you are in conversations on an equal footing rather than perhaps not being able to partake in the strategic discussions.

Recognition of Chartered membership has been a highlight for Ian and his achievement, ‘I think for my employer the Chartered status has been acknowledged and recognised firstly through celebrating the success and secondly through given my employer the confidence that there is a continual assessment and benchmark of the credibility of their operations that is in place. My colleagues and broader professional network have all been very supportive and congratulatory of the achievement.’

For anybody thinking of applying for Chartered membership, Ian shares that  ‘holding individual chartered status is all about having pride in your profession and can really help push your career forward as well as giving you the personal gravitas of through the status being able to demonstrate that you are not only operationally competent but also able to demonstrate the values of the professional body in respect of how you carry out your role.’

Chartered status really is the personal benchmark for a professional and I would urge members to strive towards it as a benchmark for themselves and our professional body.’

If you are interested in achieving Chartered membership like Ian, find out more here and apply today. Or, if you would like to find out more please email [email protected].