Happy birthday Chartered membership!

09 November 2018

Justine Riccomini 80x80 .jpg

The month of October may be over, however, the recognition of our Chartered membership continues. We introduce our first non CIPP member, Justine Riccomini, who joined us in 2018 as a Chartered member and are thrilled to have her onboard!

Justine has been involved with the CIPP for over several years as a tax professional, yet it was only recently that Justine ‘became aware of their increasingly highly regarded brand reputation and, knowing some of the professionals who already hold CIPP membership.’ It was for this reason that Justine felt drawn to wanting to gain Chartered status. She continues to tell us that ‘I felt that the qualification would positively enhance my own professional reputation and give me access to many different resources to augment my knowledge and broaden my horizons.’

Chartered membership so far has had an incredible impact for Justine with regards to her own professional standing and reputation which ‘has been enhanced and I have been able to access CIPP resources and attend courses which I would otherwise have been excluded from.’ For Justine, attaining Chartered status tells people that you have reached a certain level of experience and that you are a self-starter with clear goals and ambitions.’

For anyone thinking of applying for Chartered membership, Justine advises for you to ‘go for it, as long as you have the right qualifications and level of experience to apply.’ Further to this, Justine recommends you ‘check the criteria carefully and take the time to prepare a good application, thinking about the level of detail needed to demonstrate you have the right skill set in place to impress the panel.’

‘The application process is not easy, but then, if it was, Chartered membership wouldn’t be worth having.’

Why not step up to the challenge and apply for Chartered membership like Justine? Apply today, or if you have any further questions please email [email protected]